½ Pig

Our pork half contains the following items, cut, vacuum packed in heavy plastic bags to keep for long times in good freezers, & flash frozen.

  • Pork chops cut to your specification
  • Tenderloin whole or sliced as you prefer
  • Spare ribs in half racks
  • Sausage (breakfast, mild italian, and plain in 1 lb packages)
  • Fresh Ham cut to slices or other size you specify
  • Fresh Bacon cut in chunks or sliced to your specified thickness
  • Shoulder Roast bone in or boneless cut to your size preference
  • Butt Pork Roast cut to your desired size
  • Ham hocks
  • Fat – for lard making
  • Trotters - for superior broth making
  • Note that breakfast and italian sausage is not certified organic because of "conventional                   spices being used in preparation
  • Note that no products are cured or smoked, but you can take those items you would like                  smoked to a butcher who does it or do it yourself, or use those meats "fresh"
  • If you are in New York State we can have pork items smoked for you at an additional                     charge but they will require a separate later shipping when they are completed. 
  • You can customize your preferences for this pig
  • See our farm's website for suggestions on using fresh ham, bacon, and ground pork instead of accepting non-certified organic pork products from us at www.BetterBeef4U.com
  • Please note: Product may differ from image. Image is often representative of product only. Please refer to description and product details for accurate information.